Rick, as a child, used to spend time at his grandparents
home in Bridgeton, NJ on Pearl Street. With a desire
to keep these fond memories alive, he wrote his first
song for our group and named it Pearl Street
When the band was formed in 2005 we decided
that the name of the band should be Pearl Street
because of this history. Rick had a handful of original
tunes when we first began.
Debbie was learning the keyboard part and Steve was
playing bass at first. We hadn’t found a drummer
at this time. When Steve was unable to rehearse,
Debbie would add a bass line on the keyboard which
worked pretty well. Eventually, as providence would
have it, Steve, an accomplished drummer, would
become our permanent drummer with Debbie covering
the basson the keyboard. Steve’s wife, Lisa Burch has multiple
roles as drum tech/sound tech. A recent addition to
our group is Jon Rudovsky on tenor sax adding a whole new dimension to our sound. We have continued to add new originals to our repertoire still believing that our identity was found in the originals written by Rick and Debbie. We continue to play a mixture of standards and originals with emphasis on the originals. Even though the music is instrumental, we believe it has a language of its own. Music, just like everything else, is a gift from God. We see it as a blessing from above, and a privilege to share with others.